U.S.S Midway's Published List of Statistics and Capabilities

Following is a list of information provided to the general public by the Midway's Public Affairs Office--
Keel laid:Oct. 27, 1943 Population electric power could serve: 1 million
Commissioning:Sept. 10, 1945 Equivalent power in locomotives: 40
Propulsion:conventional Homes fuel supply could heat for one year: 3,000
Horsepower:200,000/shaft plus Monthly business in ship's stores: $1,000,000
Speed:30-plus knots (35 mph+) Monthly payroll:$1,200,000
Length overall:1001'6" Fresh water produced daily: 240,000 gal.
Extreme width:258' Ship's stores:6
Displacement (fully loaded): 70,000 tonsMeals served daily: 13,000
Height (total):222'3"
Area of flight deck: 4.02 acres--------------------------------------
Number of propellers: 4Daily food requirements--
Weight per propeller: 22 tonsBread: 1,000 loaves
Height of each propeller: 18'Vegetables w/o potatoes: 5,000 lbs.
Number of catapults: 2Meat: 4,500 lbs.
Aircraft elevators: 3Dry provisions: 20,000 lbs.
Telephones:1,5000-plus Potatoes:3,000
Boilers:12 --------------------------------------
Aircraft carried:up to 80 Ship's capacity for storing consumable goods--
Compartments:over 2,000 Dry provisions:1,500,300 lbs.
Electric motors:over 2,000 Vegetables:205,000 lbs.
Miles of piping:about 200 Meat:240,000 lbs.
Miles of copper conductor: 3,000Dairy: 66,300 lbs.
Miles of fire hose: 4.5
Ship fuel capacity: 2.23 million gal.
Jet fuel capacity: 1,241,534 gal.

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