Ethel Y. Nave - President/CEO

Before co-founding NetMeister in 1995, Ethel served in both technical and managerial capacities for the Institutional Network Services Group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for ten years. Ethel led the implementation of fiber optic network upgrades to the JPL backbone network, and the design and installation of a military base-wide TCP/IP network for the Headquarters, US European Command Center in Stuttgart, Germany.  As a result, Ethel received an Exceptional Service Award, as well as numerous JPL and NASA Group Achievement Awards.


Ethel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics-System Science from UCLA, and a Certificate in Engineering Management from the California Institute of Technology Industrial Relations Center. She is a member of the IEEE.



Joachim "Joe" Nave - Director of Network Development

A co-founder of NetMeister, Joe leads the design, implementation and management of networks utilizing Cisco Systems solutions.
Prior to founding NetMeister, Joe worked at Chase Credit Systems as Director of Network Engineering and at Disney Worldwide Services as a Senior Staff Engineer.  While at Disney, Joe was responsible for the design and project management of many large-scale corporate-wide networking projects. He received a personal note of thanks from Disney CEO Mr. Michael Eisner for his efforts.  Joe also worked at TRW, and Lockheed/CADAM.


Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from California State University, Northridge and is Cisco Systems certified.