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Collapsing Arbahan

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I have been interested in the supernatural long as I remember, including all things psychic, spiritual and metaphysical. During high school there was dabbling with ESP, occasional experiments sending and receiving telepathic signals and pictures with niece Connie, and a small amount of attempted ouija board communications. I was also into the born-again Christian experience for some years.

I went heavily into the supernatural while in the Navy, reading several books including some about the great psychic Edgar Cayce and his messages from the eternal and pan-universal "akashic" records. I also dabbled in aura watching, again ESP, reading tarot cards, and even "sensing" the contours of distant objects through the use of force fields emanating from my fingers.

I became connected, in the early 1970s, on a pre-cognizant level with Cosmic Consciousness, the nebulous, poorly defined something few understand yet everyone "sort of knows about." Still in the Navy, stationed on an aircraft carrier, I discovered that the typical human mind was not designed to read well from this source. Attempts at putting down on paper what my mind "comprehended" from tapping that area of existence failed miserably. My writings were mere gibberish. Years later, one person reading it said I must have been on a mind altering drug. The following account is a portion taken from my Navy memoirs telling of the gibberish-writing episode and what it was like living inside a giant, powerful, electromagnet field-the United States Ship Midway.

Thoughts from Chuck and a Psychic Plant uses Meta-Consciousness to designate the pre-conscious state, and simply uses Conscious or Consciousness for all other levels, including the nebulous term "Cosmic Consciousness."

It was important that every electrical device on board should be well grounded to the hull. Otherwise, malfunction or electrocution could result. Green, marbled, linoleum tiles normally covered decks in passageways and compartments. This was to protect the steel from being worn thin by years of constant foot traffic; also to give personnel some protection against electrocution. All radio rooms, including Faccon and MPC, had additional protection in the form of gray, skid­resistant, rubber floor mats. In port the ship would often be connected to shore power lines, whereas at sea it could produce enough electricity to supply a population of one million people.

- Faccon was the Radio Division's Facilities Control center
- MPC was Radio Division's Message Processing Center
- Westpac (Western Pacific) was where we spent our tours of duty off the coast of South Vietnam.

Although the ship was well grounded throughout, this fact did not eliminate the creation of electrostatic and electromagnetic fields. The ship actually could be identified by the unique set of "fingerprints" made by these fields. I was not aware of how living inside the fields was affecting me until 1972, during my second Westpac cruise.

Nervous tension or energy could be a positive attribute in helping sailors accomplish all that was required to be done on ship. I noticed this nervous energy in myself, and at first it did not seem unusual. I took it for granted as part of the shipboard experience. However, every aspect of my personality, including purposes, interests, etc., intensified as though I were receiving extra energy from an outside source. Even my spiritual and metaphysical perceptions sharpened. I frequently received flashes of insight into existence as if the Midway were a gigantic cosmic receiving antenna amplifying Celestial or Cosmic Thought.

One particularly intense insight came just before our first overseas cruise in 1971. I had been feeling mentally depressed for a few weeks, when suddenly I knew it was time to begin writing. I wrote every chance that presented itself for nearly a week, until the strong compulsion finally ceased. Today, I look at what I wrote during that spell and it is not cogent. Yet at the time it was the essence of existence including creation and origin of thought. The notation was badly restrained and diverted by an inadequate vocabulary and my inability to interpret/express the concepts.

It was during the second cruise, when my nervous energy was increasing to an almost­neurotic pitch, that I realized I could temporarily eliminate the extra energy by grounding myself. I would grab hold of an antenna coupler in Faccon and instantly feel the "hyper­energy" begin draining, first out of the body and then out of the brain. The last area to release was a previously obscured, dull ache in the back of my brain that was the focus of nervous irritation. After this last was gone, the relief was exhilarating. I tried telling others of this "grounding therapy," but only one other person attempted doing it, with negative results. There may have been an awareness or other factor involved. It surely helped me, though, and occasional grounding kept my head clear through the remaining shipboard stay.

I became interested and active in a religious philosophy (fall of 1970) that enabled me to increase awareness sufficiently to benefit from out-of-body travels. It also helped expand my knowledge of the workings of the physical and spiritual universes. After attaining a higher spiritual state in 1976, I frequently made out-of-body voyages attempting to further increase awareness, knowledge of existence, and mental/spiritual fine-tuning.

It was 1978 when I began seeing the need to transcribe the new data compounding in my mind. It was also during this time that I unwittingly became entangled (spiritually) with an intelligence happened upon during an out-of-body and out-of-this-world excursion. This intelligence had an enormous knowledge of existence and was eager to share with a fellow searcher.

The intelligence was the psyche of an other-planetary plant called a "Collapsing Arbahan." The psyche was travelling out-of-body as was I, and we met in space. It wasn't until 1981 that I recognized the connection so as to separate.

The writings of "Cassette," the original working title of "Thoughts from Chuck and a Psychic Plant," began on the evening of February 24, 1979, and continued through the evening of March 19 the same year. However, more data became accessible to my consciousness over the next three years as it filtered through and helped to expand my comprehension of the areas being revealed.

Information came in sudden spurts and in slow, accumulating flakes. It didn't arrive in order but in apparently unrelated segments over several months, with some stretches barren. By the beginning of 1983 I felt enough had been notated that time had come to sort through and arrange the material in some kind of logical order. This I did in April, 1983.

The years went by and little more was done with the information. All notations were stored in a folder that was parked in a file cabinet and practically forgotten. Yet I still had a nagging desire to develop the whole package into a more presentable, finished form.

Finally in February, 1992, finding myself unemployed and running out of things to occupy time, I pulled the dusty folder of yellowing papers from the filing cabinet and embarked on a project to "finalize." Early April saw the editing completed and a "Scale of Importance to Know" added, helping the reader focus on relative magnitudes. Included at this time was information from an essay on "Nurturing" I wrote in October, 1991.

April 1993 saw the adding of Essential Existence, a chart showing relationships between some important aspects covered by "An Alternate View of Things." In May the same year, the section on Hate and how it fits into the scheme of existence was included.

Also included, immediately following and before venturing into the meat of this work, are a few of my creative writings from the early 1980s, for whatever additional insight or inspiration they might offer.

I find the Arbahan's material fascinating and in many ways relevant to my own beliefs, philosophies and observations. Still, I cannot personally vouch for the information's source or ultimate truth. Minds, thoughts, ownership and origins of same being nebulous, I only present this for the reader to inspect and analyze in relation to their own life, lights and perspectives.

Charles W. Paige
May 20, 1993
Pasadena, California

P.S. December, 1996, saw an objective read-through and a final push to (re)organize some portions and rectify/clarify several areas. Enough value was added that I consider this final effort an important one in finalizing this work.

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I lifted from the scene even before the last of the mourners had gone. It was strange not having a body. Like an amputee, I still experienced sensations from that which was no longer. Also, my sight had altered. The lush greenery, shrubs, cultivated trees and monolithic tombstones, and the distant hills skirted by fences of picket and wire, so vivid still in mental pictures, now appeared out of perspective, random and oddly molecular, with misty forms the only confinement of chaos.

The journey begun turned different than expected. It started overland with no known destination. My many perceptions were now keen, unhindered by crude body electronics. As I passed plants and creatures, I could sense their mental processes, the barriers between them and me dissolving. All the while time moved on a different continuum, and the urge to account it dissipated.

Lightness and darkness, brought by the traveling of the sun, could scarcely be detected. Movement, itself, became merely my changing point of view. Earth and sky melted into simple variations of the same thing, while the physical universe paled before the unveiling of others more subtle, less severe.

Unexpectedly, instead of continuing across the plane of Earth I was unfolding, as the white-marbled, blue planet shrank until lost to my concern.

Charles W. Paige
June 1981 (revised Oct. 1983)
Pasadena, California

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There is a corridor, an aspect of the dimension of intellect, through which fertile concepts pass. It could be called the Realm of the Philosopher. This corridor is the composite of all that has come before and is the reference used to interpret that which comes after.

Like a lending library, the corridor provides volumes of compiled, and pamphlets of analyzed, thought. Its keeper is the philosopher, whose role in creation is to expose, clarify and classify new concepts, to rediscover and reevaluate old ones, and to make logical connections and differentiations.

This corridor houses Plato's "reality." It's a magical place, pregnant with significance and purpose, the arteries of which circulate throughout what we call Life. Though some tributaries are in varying degrees sclerotic, artists, writers and technicians borrow constantly from the healthier ones. Some borrowers tap objectively, some subjectively, while many introduce into the network products of their own creative essence.

The philosopher prowls the realm. He or she becomes familiar with its material. Through the resulting observations and interpretations, thought evolves. And the process brings meaning and direction to today's existence, while giving birth to tomorrow's.

Charles W. Paige
November, 1981
Pasadena, California

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The average person has a not-immediately-perceivable import in the higher activities of Creation. So a preeminent justification of existence for someone is to be chosen for a mission by "God," to convey messages to Mankind or ones people and to instruct and help them correct their flawed ways and show loftier ones.

Because "God" is generally considered the ultimate and unapproachable intellect/force, His significance in the lives of men and women is correspondingly high. Thus, His prophet can tote a powerful political and economic, besides spiritual, impact on those affected. To some this secular power makes "being chosen" seem all the more desirable, even leading to the unordained assumption of nonexistent or self created spiritual missions by the unscrupulous or neurotically self deceived. The following message is meant for the actually chosen.

The most predictable mistake by a chosen one is to take him or herself too seriously. Having a mission conferred on one at all could be considered the greatest honor or, to some, the most exalting flattery. A chosen one could don an aura of self importance because they feel their mission is deserved, even guaranteed as a lifetime pursuit with almost contracted job security. Yet missions are often short lived, and personal worthiness of the chosen one isn't necessarily a consideration.

Once someone finds him or herself lifted for a time onto the higher stage as chosen one, it becomes far less exhilarating if the once-chosen one discovers that the mission and its charm and aura have gone elsewhere. The "Divine Spotlight" is taken from a faithful as well as faithless chosen one quite easily and suddenly, leaving the once-chosen one to make personal adjustments. This loss can come about for many reasons, including the chosen one falling from grace or no longer needed for the mission.

At this juncture in the once-chosen one's existence several options become available to the "orphan," including the entire spectrum from accepting the situation with grace and taking it in stride to sinking into deepest levels of depression and nonacceptance. There is also creating a self generated delusion that the mission still exists, where the pseudo-chosen one becomes his or her own god interpreter. In the last case the "charm" or "charisma" is gone, so success becomes infinitely difficult, and miracles other than mere coincidences cease to be. Madness finds fertile grounds here.

Of course, the loss of the "Divine Spotlight" does not mean that it will be gone forever. Also, having it shown on one at all can be seen as having various shades of good and bad effects on the chosen one's psyche. However, the greatest problem, and one that by itself keeps divine influence enigmatic, is that it is practically impossible to tell whence a "Divine Spotlight" emanates. The Light, itself, is blinding to the intellect. This opens the door to the possibility that a chosen one is simply the medium through which a not-necessarily-holy and lesser-than-God-like entity is operating.

Charles W. Paige
July 6, 1983
Pasadena, California

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"Unknowable" was set up aeons ago. Its metaphysical device constructed physical universe future out of the rag-tag remnants of past ages--swept up bits of injustices not yet resolved. Its purpose was a teaching device for souls, the beings who must resolve in order to grow and become great. Yet the Designer of "Unknowable" did not see all. After interminable ages the works were again on the brink of running amok.

To salvage the original purpose, long ago an Order was established in a dimension unaffected by "Unknowable." The purpose of this Order was to monitor "Unknowable's" various Themes, stepping in now and then to keep things going in healthy and uplifting directions. The Order didn't take direct action against "Unknowable" due to ethical restrictions as well as caution not to cause its defense mechanism to mobilize. Instead, the Order sent members into a stagnant, failing or otherwise endangered Theme to mitigate the condition through "natural" processes.

Once committed, a Soul of the Order would in most cases lose memory of the Order, the mission and inherent powers. Thus handicapped, the Soul would enter the Theme as a mere participant, kept on purpose by flashes of insight. Inspiration would come from spotting triggering symbols in the environment, prearranged between the affected Soul and the Order. Then the Soul would remain until its mission was completed.

Chaos had invaded a tiny speck of a planet far off the beaten track. Hordes of rogue Souls had been invading Earth's Theme, holding countless participant souls in their power and unwittingly forcing "Unknowable" to compensate. As the Theme changed, the Order was called into action to neutralize overcompensation, and many Souls received assignments.

For music loving Astra the assignment was to monitor personal love and understanding. To assure that her findings were not diluted by intelligence, physical beauty, social graces, and admirable skills, Astra would be born in a body handicapped of most of these. Love shown her, though occasionally laced with, or shored up by compassion or pity, would still be of a more pure nature. Especially important was how much time was allotted her by participants, for in many ways time and love equate.

Astra's interview for the assignment had been painstakingly blunt. She was virtually volunteering to descend into Hell. As conditions and attitudes on Earth were known to exist she could expect little reward during the job. Only on her return would she receive the fruits of her service, restored greatness. Yet Astra didn't mind. She loved music, and she loved love.

The day came for her to go. The day came for her to return.

"Was there much time for you?" asked the interviewer.

"Yes," came her answer, "more than enough. The consciousness of souls has increased to understanding more subtle values of life. They once believed a life could only be appreciated for what it contributed, be it entertainment, accomplishment, material gain, or simply returned love. It is now dawning that life can and should be nurtured for its own sake, since no matter the circumstances, souls are involved. Many are realizing that when souls are involved, all possible must be done to make any life as beneficial a learning experience, and livable, as possible.

"I was honored to witness this enlightenment as well as see parallel and related inroads against the indigestible fruits of guilt and superstition. My lesson learned is that, although on an individual basis it is better to give than to receive, as a member of the family of souls and Souls it is better when love extended is returned amplified. Through this process understanding of one another also increases, while all benefit and grow."

Charles W. Paige
October 1984
Pasadena, California

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