I began writing this memoir during the 1982 Falklands War, when martial sentiments were blossoming and exciting the heart. This sentiment was in stark contrast with feelings ten years before, at the time I departed active service.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the following people for their various contributions toward this effort.

Not unusually, my parents gave instant encouragement. To my surprise they had saved letters I wrote during my years in the service.

The Public Affairs Officer aboard the aircraft carrier USS Midway, before it's decommissioning, provided invaluable information that helped to fill out the section on the ship's history and flight deck operations.

My good friend Rob previewed an early and very rough version of the manuscript and supplied helpful suggestions.

My good friend Leslie Jean read a later version and gave suggestions that enhanced the book's readability.

My friend and associate, Dave, had been in the Navy some years after my sojourn ended. His recollections provided some refinements, and his reaction to what he read gave much-appreciated encouragement.

Dr. John A. Williams provided a Bluejacket Choir update and presented me with a record album containing their only formal recordings. Dr. Williams had been the Bluejacket Choir's director for thirteen years, including the time I was a member.

Finally, my good friend and associate Wayola, and her son Jack, gave valuable fine-tuning input for readability, grammar/punctuation, and wordsmithing suggestions.

Copyright 1992, 1998 Charles W. Paige

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